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welcome to the healing power of reiki

Reiki is a safe, nonintrusive healing technique that can be used to benefit oneself, others, animals, food, world events, & more. It is a holistic system for balancing, healing & harmonizing body, mind, spirit, emotions & promotes relaxation, an overall sense of well-being, encouraging self-awareness, personal growth & spiritual development. Reiki is about loving & healing energy with pure loving intention. Intention is everything in any healing modality & is at the forefront in our practices at the magic mirror. 


Reiki works on four levels-physical, emotional, mental & spiritual. the life force energy flows through the reiki practitioner (conduit) & it adjusts to the recipient so that the person receives exactly what they need at the time. each session is specialized for you and can be tailored for expansion, releasing, cleansing. Enjoy an energy session in person or distance options available for healing, stress relief, or simply relaxing. 

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