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Hi, I'm Lauren! 

Thank you for being here! I am an entrepreneur, Reiki Master healer, crystal junkie, intuitive, transformational trainer, educator, empowerment influencer. I am so excited to share with you my​ vision of educating, enlightening, and helping people evolve into higher versions of themselves & tap into the TRUTH within.  

The truth is, I'm pursuing my passion, IMPACTING people, and helping others equip themselves with the tools they need to do the same. My intention is to create the space for you through The Magic Mirror to provide you with the same tools and information that have played a vital role in my own life: meditation, reiki services, crystals & other tools to help you on your growth journey. 

I am so grateful we are connected. Much love <3

The Magic Mirror

Reiki Healing, Meditation, Online Crystal Shop

~By Appointment Only~

4401 E. Colonial Drive, Suite 204J

Orlando, FL 32803

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