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My metaphysical boutique for all of your treasures & to share with you my favorites/tools I use daily. My favorites are crystals, sage, and oils. I’m crystal CRAZY. Mirrors PHYSICALLY reflect LIGHT & thus the world around us. Light SPIRITUALLY has symbolic attachment to illumination, awareness, and wisdom. Mirrors reflect the TRUTH & they reflect WHAT IS. Throughout my healing journey with Reiki, energy healing, meditation, etc. Crystal healing has also played a major role. Gemstones are conduits that help draw out negative, disease causing energy from your body and allow positive, healing energy to replace it. Each product has a different purpose (abundance, protection, healing, manifestation, love, energy, etc.) What do you need more of in your life? My mission: Educate you, Enlighten you, help you manifest more of what you need & help you tap into the TRUTH within.

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